Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Journey

As I lay in bed this morning slowing waking up my eyes were drawn to a ceramic candle holder that sits atop a radio across from our bed. I thought back ten years ago when we purchased it. We were chaperoning a group of teenage girls who were on a singing tour (our youngest was a part of that talented group). In one of the cities there was a young man standing by a stone wall with his candle holders displayed on top. As my husband and I stood there admiring these inexpensive candle holders he had made I looked more closely at the young man and this feeling swept over me. We are fellow travelers on this earth at this moment in time. We are separated by many miles and many years but we have much in common, in fact, more in common than not. Our paths will cross for a few minutes but it is highly unlikely we will ever see one another again. “What are his dreams, his desires, his pains, his disappointments, his joy, his life experiences?” I wondered as I stood there on the side of the street as we were deciding to make a purchase.
I have had those same feelings come over me as I’ve observed my two sons with fragile X. Sometimes when I am sitting on the couch next to Clark I will turn my head and study his profile, this number one son. With a heart pumping blood throughout his body, giving him life, he is much like me. He has dreams and feelings of love, sadness when someone calls him a name, pain when he is hurt, laughter when he is happy, enjoyment in eating the entire apple. Our paths, his and mine, run along together and I feel blessed to be taking this journey together.

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