Sunday, June 21, 2009

Painting the House

Most of the painting is finished. I didn’t think the outside of the house looked weary or worn, even though it had been twelve years since it was last painted, but this new paint job freshens up the house and makes it look crisp and clean. The plan was to spend last Monday through Saturday painting. Colt took the extended ladder and painted the top third of our two-story house, Paul took the shorter ladder and did the middle section and Clark and Phil, with help, did the lower third. For a couple of reasons Clark is better at staying with his painting most of the day—he loves to work with his father plus he perseverates in words and actions. Phil is random and impulsive so some of his painting caused more work than he gave. In exasperation Paul came in the house at one point and told me that he felt he had spent more time cleaning up after Phil than he had spent on his own painting. “Welcome to the past 30+ years of my life.” I told him. It even elicited a smile.

(Occasionally, Phil was asked to hold the ladder.)

Despite the slowdowns things moved along faster than expected. Helping to do that were three extra people for six hours on Wednesday. The core painters—Paul, Clark, Phil and son-in-law Colt—were joined by Colt’s father and two brothers. They gave an incredible gift of 18 hours! Not only did they give the gift of labor but they were cheerful and great to have around. So instead of finishing on Saturday, they finished Thursday. Paul and Clark did additional painting on trim plus a back door on Friday and Saturday. Ladders, paint cans and brushes, drop cloths and rags have been put away and now we are ready for a family party tomorrow night.

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  1. Congratulations on a big accomplishment! I'll never forget the year we painted our Seattle house. That's some undertaking.